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Dewy Decimal Based Classifications

Dewey Decimal Based Classifications

1-2. The Bahá'í World Centre Library developed an adaptation based upon the Dewey Decimal Classification, patterned after the M200 schedule for Mormonism developed by the Utah Library Association. The development of a Dewey-Decimal-based classification scheme for Bahá'í publications was halted in 1979, when the Bahá'í World Centre Library made the choice to use the Library of Congress classification. The author, however, completed a draft of a Dewey-based classification for Bahá'í works. The development of the Bahá'í classification schedule based upon the Dewey Decimal Classification was not intended merely as an intellectual exercise. Many Bahá'í libraries have been established in schools and communities where there is little experience with the Library of Congress system. The Dewey-based classification for Bahá'í materials can serve as an alternative that offers a more familiar style to those institutions and communities.

3. Mr. Paul Gerard in Australia also developed a completely revised schedule for Dewey Decimal Classification 200 (Religion), which gives a more equal weight to all religions, and provides adequate space for a full treatment of the Bahá'í Faith. The B200 draft created at the World Centre, was intended to provide a separate treatment of the Bahá'í Faith, while leaving the rest of Dewey 200 intact. Mr. Gerard's draft schedule is a complete replacement or "phoenix" schedule for Dewey 200, intended to counterbalance the current Dewey bias toward Christianity. The version posted here is the completed, finalized version (the "2nd edition").