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Selected links to Bahá'í libraries, archives, and collections.


  • Afnan Library

    A collection of books, manuscripts and papers focusing on the Bahá’í Faith, and including relevant associated subject areas such as Middle Eastern history, religion and culture, Persian Literature, and the study of religion. The core of the collection is the books, manuscripts and papers left by the late Mr Hasan Balyuzi, but the library is an active collection and is acquiring books, manuscripts and other material all the time.

  • Stanford University Bahá'í Collection

    Stanford University’s Baha’i Collection—the first university-based collection of its kind in the United States—is known as a collection of collections, a premier research resource of all topics Baha’i related. The Stanford Libraries preserves and makes accessible to all students and researchers a wealth of rare and unique archival materials and books on the Baha’i Faith.

  • Binghamton University Bábí & Bahá'í Studies

    A library reference guide for students and researchers.

Online Texts

  • Bahá'í Reference Library

    The Bahá'í Reference Library is the premier collection of authoritative Bahá'í sacred texts and authorized interpretation.

  • Bahá'í Library Online

    The Bahá'í Library Online is the Internet's largest collection of Bahá'í-related digital texts.

  • Bahá'í Works

    A collection of historical documents related to the Bahá’í Faith - periodicals, booklets, pamphlets and other works digitized, proofread using automated tools, and made available.

  • Архивы — память общины (Archives - Community Remembrance)

    Russian-language site where individuals, communities, and institutions can share experiences, insights, and resources. Includes collections of published materials, archival materials, and websites related to the Bahá'í Faith in Russia.

Online Biographical Collections

  • UK Bahá'í Histories

    Collection of stories of individual Baha’is who currently live in the UK, or have lived here in the past. The project is sponsored by the National Spiritual Assembly of the Bahá'ís of the United Kingdom.


  • Louise G. Gregory Bahá'í Museum

    The Museum is a memorial to the life and work of its namesake, one of the founding teachers and administrators of the Baha'i Faith in the United States and a pioneer of interracial reconciliation.